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Essence of the Nameless Light

This essence is made from the stone Azeztulite, and brings blessings from the Azez – beings working with humanity to anchor the Nameless Light onto the earth, and raise the collective consciousness.

Using this essence will help us to attune to higher vibrations.

It brings us joy, love, happiness and tranquillity, and opens us to receive spiritual teachings from the Azez.

It helps us to achieve a calm and centred state of mind.

The essence is effective in clearing and shielding one’s personal aura, and the energies of one’s home, workplace, car, etc.

It can be sprayed into the air, or onto the body, clothing, linen, soft toys, etc. – or added to a bath, vaporised, or taken orally.

Using Azez essence will help to raise one’s consciousness, and awaken to the truth and light of one’s own being.

It brings a feeling of nurturing and support in times of emotional need.

It enhances the effect of healing work, and helps to activate all chakras, including the etheric chakras above the head.

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