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Crystal Parties

I have a range of beautiful crystals and gemstones, and am available for Crystal Parties, in the Portland area.

Just get a few friends together and I'll bring my crystals and jewellery for your enjoyment. You'll receive free crystals/ jewellery/other stuff to the value of 10% of sales made at your party.

By having a Crystal Party, you get to:

  • Have a fun time with your friends
  • Learn about crystals & gemstones
  • Experience the healing energies of crystals
  • Find beautiful pieces at affordable prices
  • Shop for gifts the easy way
  • Receive free crystals/jewellery/other stuff to the value of 10% of sales at your party.

There is no "order & wait" system. What you fall in love with at the party, you get to purchase and take home with you straight away.

Each piece is unique, and you will enjoy seeing, holding and choosing the crystals and jewellery which are just right for you.

Contact me for further details or to book your party!